On Getting Mad at the Bullies

Ok, short rant before I go to sleep. I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately between work and working out. Some of them have been about weight management and those who struggle with it. I’m not going to dwell on this for long but I have to say something. The articles aren’t even the point. Most of them are not well written, organized, or really have a true point, but it’s the comments that are striking to me. It’s all-out fat bashing season out there and the cruelty of some of what I’ve been seeing is unreal. It’s not only acceptable, but even socially encouraged to humiliate and ridicule people with weight issues. Sure, my weight challenges are primarily due to poor choices I’ve made, but let’s try an experiment. Let’s all try wearing giant signs around our necks all day…every day… that detail in a public way all of our moral weaknesses, addictions, and poor choices and see who wants to be the first to cast stones at the fat people. Empathy, folks, it’s not that hard. Ok, rant over, let the positive life-changing resume.

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