Monthly Archives: March 2017

Standing Ovation

Back off Death.

The better part of my ego wins today.


I still have hilarious stories to tell.

Painful and complicated and hilarious stories.


I still have unlikely colors to mix.

Brilliant and elusive and unlikely colors.


I still have fantastic people to meet.

Unreachable and stubborn and fantastic people.


I still have dangerous places to visit.

Vibrant and undiscovered and dangerous places.


I still have impossible shit to do.

Enormous and bewildering and impossible shit.


Pardon me for not having time for you today.

If I’m going, I’m going out to a standing ovation.


And the performance hasn’t ended yet.

So back the fuck off.

Said the Madonna to the Whore

Take my hand.

Said the Madonna to the whore.

Walk with me.

Rest your head on my shoulder and

tell me your adventures.


We are not all that different

you and I.

It’s just the blind ones

who insist we are.


To make their lives simpler.

To make their decisions clearer.

To excuse their disrespect.

To justify their ignorance.


But you, you owe them nothing.

Embrace your body,

your spirit, your joy for life.

That passion that sustains you

like water from the well.


I’ll be here to catch you.

But you will not fall.

Because you are strong.

And you are free.

And you are loved.


You are beautiful.

And we are sisters.