I see myself reflected back in your gaze

The better part of me

The me you make me believe I am

You have that kind of power

(and you know it)

To strip me away

Until I am completely unvarnished

And yours

Naked and unafraid

Not so that you can remake me

But that I can do it on my own

As you watch with a smile

And say “good girl”

Drift Away

Eagle eye, piercing

Locked with deadly precision

On your voiceless child


An eternity wasted

With her pinned like a specimen

On a cold steel table


Picked at and prodded

With stern disappointment

This one was not enough


Broken spirit

And a distorted body

Without the strength to bloom


But then she blossomed differently

With unexpected colors

And flew away


Your eagle eye is clouding now

Lacking sharpness

Losing its place


The past is fading

And the specimen looks back

As your mind floats into darkness


Time seems shorter now

But can this butterfly learn to love you

Before you drift away?


I’ve never been the patient sort

Have rarely kept my ship in port

I’d rather be out sailing free

You’ll never take that wheel from me


Please don’t tie me to the dock

If stowed away, I’ll pick the lock

And push myself out to the brink

Damn the wind, refuse to sink


I wish I could let loose the sail

Risk the stumble, dare to fail

Alas I can’t control my fate

I guess sometimes you have to wait

Standing Ovation

Back off Death.

The better part of my ego wins today.


I still have hilarious stories to tell.

Painful and complicated and hilarious stories.


I still have unlikely colors to mix.

Brilliant and elusive and unlikely colors.


I still have fantastic people to meet.

Unreachable and stubborn and fantastic people.


I still have dangerous places to visit.

Vibrant and undiscovered and dangerous places.


I still have impossible shit to do.

Enormous and bewildering and impossible shit.


Pardon me for not having time for you today.

If I’m going, I’m going out to a standing ovation.


And the performance hasn’t ended yet.

So back the fuck off.