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On Attention Spans

I’ve often been told that my life is so random that I should write a book. So many reasons not to:

a. It would take me months to decide on a premise

b. I have no experience or education as a writer

c. I would piss off a lot of people unintentionally

d. I have no ability to follow a train of thought to it’s natural conclusion

e. I don’t find my life all that interesting

f. I don’t have the attention span

g. see f.

So in lieu of proper writing I have resorted to the literary journal of the ADD generation…Facebook. I post the occasional quip and snark that amuses me and hopefully the occasional friend. However, lately my friends list has expanded to an uncomfortable extent; a broad and varied enough circle around which I am reluctant to let it rip so to speak. Plus I know at least my patience for long form Facebook posts is pretty thin, so why subject people to mine? I will continue to quip there, and occasionally cross-post, but to a few of you, I will allow a glimpse into my more drawn out thoughts and experiences. Prepare to be occasionally amused, sometimes sad, an in many cases bored, but pretty consistently you’ll be glad you don’t live in my brain. I know I’d like some time off from it myself. But I’m stuck here, so I might as well share the insanity. I won’t focus on any particular topic (see f) and occasionally forget to post altogether. But for now, I think this will be good for me and moderately entertaining for you.