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Color me Confused

Enough, 2004


I don’t know much about color psychology other that what I have read in Wikipedia, but it seems like something I’d be skeptical about. However, I find that I have very strong positive emotional reactions to certain colors. Look at my paintings¬†and you will see it (except for in To His Coy Mistress, I was a little depressed when I painted that). Super-saturated jewel tones and other bright colors have a weirdly powerful affect on me, especially when I’m manic. I’m currently in lust with cobalt blue. It’s weird and I don’t know why it happens, but for what it’s worth my obsession level with color is actually starting to give me another clue as to when I’m edging into hypomania. I guess that’s a good thing and color is a harmless solution to the need to “self medicate” (unless I’m full on manic and start buying everything I see that has my colors in it). But it still seems weird to me. If anyone knows more about this topic or any good resources (as in, not that Wikipedia page) I would love to hear about them or your own similar experiences.