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If You’re Happy and You Know it…..



I’m sitting here in the┬ábed with my laptop (I know, bad habit) and something huge just dawned on me. I’m happy. This may not seem like a huge thing to acknowledge but for me it is. I think I’ve always either not noticed because of whatever challenge is consuming me at the moment or been afraid to admit it for fear it will go away. But today I’m here to say it out loud…”I’m happy!”

Another thing that dawned on me is that I don’t usually blog when I am happy. I tend to turn to it when I’m down or full of angst. This can’t be fun for you. Today I change that. Today there will be no complaints about being bipolar, none about work, or my body image. Nothing. I feel so free today and instead of obsessing over how long this will last or whether the other shoe is going to drop I’m just going to enjoy this moment. A moment of peace and lightness; optimism and gratefulness. Thank you universe and thank you all who support me on my less enlightened days.