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I Remember

I remember that time I wrote a song.

I remember doing it while trying to capture those fleeting experiences.

I remember the blue of his eyes and the way his laughter made everything wrong fade away.

I remember getting drunk and dancing with him on my rooftop in the dead heat of summer.

I remember that trip to that sculpture garden in Queens and how I thought the wind chimes looked like giant flowers growing out the dirt.

I remember the taste of that chocolate fudge cake he surprised me with while we were there because he remembered my birthday when nobody else did.

I remember the “locals” tour of the city he took me on in my silver 4Runner.

I remember the fantastic crusty old abandoned buildings he showed me with each one having its own story.

I remember the day I left in that same 4Runner.

I remember thinking I was going to make it through goodbye without crying (I never cry).

I remember being wrong about that.


I see myself reflected back in your gaze

The better part of me

The me you make me believe I am

You have that kind of power

(and you know it)

To strip me away

Until I am completely unvarnished

And yours

Naked and unafraid

Not so that you can remake me

But that I can do it on my own

As you watch with a smile

And say “good girl”


A response to Kenneth Patchen’s “As We Are So Wonderfully Done with Each Other”

As we are so wonderfully done with each other,
Let us stave off sleep until morning birds call.
And meld under the rich velvet promise of darkness,
prolonging the transient beauty of one perfect moment.
O my truth, my strength, my bravest, loyal one.
Your touch has forever marked me with the ink of salvation.
My body has blossomed like an untamed garden of hope.
It is divine exhaustion, this expression of love.
It is perfect freedom being held beneath you.
A slip of curtain flirts with morning . . .
Don’t let slumber come to take us.

This is not a Love Poem (the sonnet version)

(I reworked the original in sonnet form for class. Be kind, it’s my first sonnet)


You are not my lover, we’re worlds apart.

But there was a time when I floated like

A gleaming star in your universe-heart

And, like hot confetti, comets would strike


And flare into space proclaiming our bond.

And the celestial beings in flight

All celebrated, but you were not fond

Of the brash fanfare, not one for the light.


And then there were the other stars brightly

Floating into orbit, fighting for space.

Swirling, preening, dancing for you nightly

As you fought to keep us all in our place.


I guess there’s nobody really to blame

That after awhile all stars look the same.


I embrace you

My wildadventuroussolitary heart

Come a little closer

So I can see you in the light

Let me smash you open like a walnut

And scoop you out

So I can present you to the world 

All naked and exposed

But I will take care of you

My wildadventuroussolitary heart 

While you may be solitary 

You are never alone