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On Becoming Diamond

Tomorrow will be my inaugural flight as a Diamond Medallion Member with Delta Airlines. I’m not sure whether to celebrate or mourn this accomplishment. I’m at the top of the caste and that’s fun and all… I get all sorts of perks such as first class upgrades, going through the pre-check security line (keeping my shoes on, liquids in), etc. but at what cost? In my last post on the mind-body connection I note my new awareness of how my lifestyle is affecting my health. 100% travel, That means every single week I’m on a plane off to somewhere-generally-not-all-that-exciting. I cram my ever-increasing butt into that tiny seat, take a deep breath (and often a Xanax) and off I go. My weekend routine consists of recovery sleep and laundry. I have no consistent social life to speak of. I have no repeatable weekday routine, well…at least not a healthy one. I have nothing but my job and a well-worn hotel blanket to keep me warm at night (and that blanket scares me…blacklight, anyone?)

My health as you already know has taken a nose dive. My travel and work schedule is my reason but not my excuse. Sure, I could get up at 5 am before my workday begins and go to the gym. I could always be prepared for long flights with some sort of healthy packable snack. But the reality is that I’m not ever *really* prepared for all that and, funadamentally, I’m just freaking tired all the time. Too tired to work out, too tired to go out of my way to find healthy food choices, too tired to make an effort to do anything other than the bare minimum to get thorugh the day. This my friends, is no way to live. I know this now and it’s time to make a change.

So, what to do? I have a few options. I can create some sort of structured routine around my travel schedule (this is the current approach….week 2 with mixed success) I can also change my job, either fight internally to get a different schedule or moved to a different role, or change companies altogether. This is a sticky decision and is my current dilemma. In the meantime I cope as well as I can. Socially I have developed a rich and diverse group of “virtual friends”. Some I know in real life, some I only know via anonymous handle. This community is my family. I know that wherever I travel they will be there (Facebook, email, blog, instant message, Skype, Second Life). I have a consistent place to go to interact with them, and I do care deeply for them. Is this odd? I’m not sure but it works for me and I dare to guess I’m not the only one. I suppose in the end we all adapt to our environment one way or another. I have found both good and bad in mine. I will leverage the good and mitigate the bad the best way I know how…and hang on till the tide turns. So, this is a shout-out to my virtual family (you know who you are) I love you and appreciate your support. You are as real to me as if you were sharing my nasty hotel blanket.